How to Buy and Use Hose Crimping Machine

Snippet: Hose crimping is a necessary procedure when coupling two lengths of hydraulic hose. To do this, a crimping machine is needed. There are various types of crimping machine with different features and prices. When buying a hose crimper, be sure that you know how to choose and use one.Hydraulic hose is a robust hose that consists mostly of rubber to maintain its flexibility and metal or braided nylon sleeve to reinforce it and to make it stronger against high pressure. When using a hydraulic hose, you may not get a hose with desired length. If the hose that you use is too short, you can couple it with another hose. Because hydraulic hose operation involves high pressure and sometimes high temperature degree, the area around the coupling must be as robust as the other parts of the hose. To make sure that the coupling of the hose can withstand great amount of pressure applied to the hose, a specific procedure called hose crimping must be done when coupling the two hoses. A crimping machine is used for that purpose.

Crimping tools and machines for hydraulic hose are now available for purchase online. There are various types of crimping machine that you can buy and their price may range from somewhere around $100 to more than $2,000, depending on the type of hose that they can handle and their condition. If you want to buy a hose crimper, be sure to consult the vendor and to assess your needs to make sure that you buy the right crimper. Buying a used or reconditioned hydraulic hose crimper can be a great idea if you want to save your money to buy a crimper that is as reliable as a new one. After you buy the crimper, don’t forget to buy hose lubricant and a pair of hose fittings because they are also necessary when you couple two separate hydraulic hoses.

The usage procedure of a hose crimper is fairly straightforward. Insert the fitting to the end of the hose, put the compression ring on, and fix the hose and the fitting to the machine. The machine will then crimp the hose fitting tightly. Do the same with the second fitting and hose and both lengths of hose are now ready for coupling.